Enabling the Health of the Whole


Apithology is the systems discipline that examines the generative dynamics of wellbeing in living systems. The practice of apithology, as a field of inquiry, is informed by principles, praxis and ethics developed by its community of inquiry.


The Apithology Practitioners Course is a 27 week program comprising nine modules of three one-week components . It is conducted twice per year in both face-to-face and online virtual formats.  Invitations are sent in May and November each year. Applications can be submitted at any time. Contact Us for more information.


Apithology is the research discipline for inquiry into the generative. The outcome sought is humanity-level wellbeing. The scale of applications in this field are as diverse as the full range of human expressions in its forms of contribution. Whether curating the childhood for a single child or transforming the inter-generational systems for whole nations, this field welcomes all applicants and applications.

We invite you to come visit and learn more about this work and its full potential.