Who is an apithologist?

The obvious answer to the question of ‘who is an apithologist?‘ would be someone who is an expert in or a student of the science of apithology.

This would logically be someone with more than a passing interest in the topic. It would also be someone who not only studies the content of this field, but who also studies the field itself.

At a colloquial level, an apithologist is probably someone who ‘studies the study of apithology within the field of apithology’. As apithology involves the study of the generative dynamics of causation of health and wellness in living systems, an apithologist is someone who investigates the generative dynamics of apithology itself as a field.

At a technical level, the standard is higher than this. An apithologist is a someone who has accomplished three indica within the field. These are:

  • they exhibit the qualities of the Five Emulations (5 attributes);
  • they have completed the integration of the Ten Self-Qualities (30 correlates); and
  • they have attained coherence in the Fifteen Virtues (45 components).

It is not surprising then that in the first 120,000 hours of apithology practice the term has hardly been used, for no-one has (as yet) become qualified as an apithologist.

Some may want to identify themselves as an apithologist because they are interested in the concept of apithology. This may be seen as being similar to calling yourself a geologist, because you have an personal interest in rocks, or a meteorologist because you often observe the weather. This is a totally excusable novice error which does occur¬†occasionally prior to someone investigating the field’s actual content.