Apithology is the discipline that studies the generative causes of health and wellness in living systems. The term originally emerged from the development of a field of inquiry formed to meet questions not examined by apithology’s counterpart discipline, being the research field of pathology.

Apithology is not a concept, it is a research practice. The premise of apithology research describes what to look at, why those specific features of interest, and how to uniquely do this. To provide opinions, definitions and descriptions in the field of apithology does require formal study.

Apithology research is primarily done at humanity-scales of inquiry. It is applied in practice at individual levels of benefit. It involves holding an alternative horizon of investigation. Qualified practitioners are able to recognise its underlying concepts, have familiarity with its paradigms of practice, and seek to achieve skilfulness in its research and inquiry methods.

Those seeking to become proficient in apithology are invited to train in the discipline and to join its community of practice. Contact us to discuss the pathways and options presently available to further your engagement with this field.