The field of apithology examines the systemic causes and effects of generativity and growth in living systems (Varey, 2008). This is contrasted with the research field of pathology, which examines the systemic causes and effects of dissipation and disease in degenerative systems. The result is that apithology systems theory has a primary focus on the enablement and formation of generative potentials.

For this reason the discipline of apithology is complementary to the existing disciplines focused on pathology, normalcy, and conformity. This recognition provides realistic limits to the field’s enactments (being what it does not consider and cannot discover). It also suggests necessary preconditions for its practical applications. These relate primarily to question formation and the status of formative conditions. To undertake apithology research requires an appreciation of its  philosophical premise, forms of discourse, and the modes of inquiry necessary for practice proficiency.


The benefits of this field of research is that the dynamics for generative enablement are the specific focus. This prospective mode of inquiry does not require the manifestation of pathology to generate its research questions. It has been described as, instead of awaiting problems to generate the need for solutions in amelioration, apithology provides the research method that begins with the question of how to enable generative potentials. 

Apithology is not limited to any one field of human endeavour in its applications. Those who are responsible to a group of people, in terms of preserving and enhancing their future generative potentials, will consider funding or engaging in apithology research specifically to benefit that community of caring.

The real beneficiaries of this research discipline are those whose potentials are enabled and cared for by every set of apithology findings. This caring is the focus of and motivation for all research inquiries conducted.


There are many research materials available on apithology. For those new to the field the foundational article about apithology is free for download here: (Download Vol.1 No.1.).

Other materials are available to subscribers and contributors on request. These are provided as an essential part of the formal training in this field. These include articles from the research Journal, training in modalities and a qualifying course for practitioners.

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