Learn Apithology

A Different Horizon of Inquiry

Apithology is a discipline of inquiry that commences from an unfamiliar starting place. Instead of waiting for pathology to arise and then to seek the source of its cause and its elimination, apithology commences from a different horizon of appreciation. It looks at the essential and necessary causes of generative health, ensuring these are present so that pathology is necessarily absent. Its focus is less on problems and finding solutions, and more on enduring benefits and the discovery of paths to generation. This approach requires of practitioners in apithology specific instruction, training and methods of inquiry.

Love Humanity

 Enabling All to Enable All

The ethos of Apithology practice has its basis in the recognition that the problems of humanity are best met by enabling present and future generations. From within an apithological understanding we can see that many of humanity’s problems come from the presence of absences in fundamental human rights and capacities. The hardest part of moving to a solution is often to pause and reconsider our framing of the question. The practice of apithology asks questions differently, and asks of those who practice it a different quality of humanity inquiry.