What is a decathologue?


In support of the emcsr – avantgarde (2016) a ‘Apithology Decathologue for Humanity‘ was held in Melbourne, Australia.

On this occasion the topic was “FutureThought! – What Life do we Wish?”.  This Decathologue is a ten discipline conversation, where each participant brings to the table a health-of-human systems understanding. The seminar abstract says:

“In presentation there is a one-way exchange of information enabling conversation (Pask, 1975). In discussion there is a necessity to understand others for mutual communication and debate (Bánáthy and Jenlink, 2005). In dialogue there is a shared appreciation of different contributions in a mutual discourse (Bohm, 1990). In metalogue we proceed in a shared inquiry into new understanding as explicit learning occasions (Bateson, 1972). An apithologue is a ‘generative metalogue’ and begins where knowing ends. It uses generative dynamics and abductive constraint conditions to develop new meaning as a form of humanity-inquiry (Varey, 2013).”

How better to learn from each other, than to have a pan-disciplinary conversation on what benefits might flow from our thinking today, that becomes the future thought of a humanity of tomorrow.